ZCON 2015 – People’s Choice Show (175 Photos)

The last car event for the week was the People’s Choice show. As I was leaving the hotel, one of my 240Z friends was asking for a phone number of another friend in order to get some carburetor tuning help. I told him that I could help, since I brought most of my tuning tools with me. I tweaked on the carburetors and then went over to my car.

The show was across town at the Millington Regional Jetport. Unfortunately my Garmin did not want to acknowledge the existence of the place. I went to plan B and got the address from my iPhone map. I plugged the address into my Garmin and hit the road. Unfortunately, the nav unit wanted to direct me through a Navy security gate. I drove around until I got some better directions, and I eventually arrived at the location.

I parked my car and got ready to take photos. Matsuo-san was walking around, and he graciously posed for a photo by my car. More and more cars streamed in, and a bunch of Z car lovers were able to commune in the summer heat.





Click here for the full set.

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ZCON 2015 – Zs on Beale Street (103 Photos)

For the judged car show, the convention organizers arranged to have Beale Street closed off. While the heat continued to be strong, it was great to have the iconic street all to ZCON. While the S30s continue to be my favorites, the more time I spend around them, the more the other generations grow on me.

I’m sorry about a couple of the blurry pictures. Sometimes autofocus decides not to cooperate with me.





Click here for the full set.

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ZCON 2015 – After the Rain (43 Photos)

A storm blew through Memphis this afternoon. That’s not too unusual this time of year. However, there usually aren’t a whole lot of Z cars parked in one place during that rainstorm; cars that seldom see raindrops at that.

After the storm passed, I wanted to try to catch the cars before they dried off. It was a race to take pictures before the owners got to their babies. Let me know what you think.




Click here for the full set.

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ZCON 2015 – Matsuo-san

Sorry photo junkies, I don’t have a bunch of photos to upload today. I was supplying photos from the week to Chris Karl of the ZCCA and talking to the guys in the registration room. Mr. Matsuo came in, and I had the chance to chat with him again. I told him about driving my Z out to the track yesterday in the heat. (He enjoyed the air conditioning in the booth during much of the track day.) He mentioned that enthusiasts in Japan used A/C compressors from Kei cars in the Z. I have to admit that I was surprised to hear that the small compressor was able to handle the work. I took the opportunity to show him a video of a drive I went on with the members of ZAtlanta. (Lee Vermont of photobycereal2k takes some nice videos and photos.)

Matsuo-san was scheduled to hold an autograph session at 10, so I went to get breakfast and pick up some Sharpies. About 3 months ago, I found a poster of a photo showing two gentlemen working on a clay model of a 240Z. I bought it in anticipation of having the opportunity to have it autographed by Matsuo-san. I showed him the poster, and he told me the men in the photo were his assistants. I took the poster out of the frame, and he signed it below the front valence. Matsuo-san then posed for a couple of pictures for me.

He is a great car guy and a very nice person. This will be a very memorable convention for me.




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ZCON 2015 Track Day (168 Photos)

Track day for ZCON 2015 was held at Memphis International Raceway. It didn’t look like the most challenging track, but that doesn’t matter too much when you have the chance to go fast.

At the lunch break, we had the chance to do some “parade laps”. Well, I’m not sure how many parades travel at 90 to 100 mph. The front stretch speed didn’t have me worried as much as the thought of hauling the speed back down before the entrance to turn 1. It’s not like I invested in racing pads, slotted & drill rotors, and DOT 4 or DOT 5 fluid. I did get some nice tire squeal through some of the turns, and my relatively new exhaust sounded great going past the tire barriers going into the front straight.

We had a group picture taken at the front stretch, and I headed back to the hotel to cool off.

Now for the photos:


For the full set, click here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskggRUcT.

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ZCON 2015 Car Wash (40 Photos)

As more people arrived today, there were more opportunities to take photos. I went down to the car washing area and started snapping pictures. Soon the sky grew an ominous shade of black. A thunderstorm was quickly moving in from the west. Fortunately I got some good shots before the storm chased me inside.

Later on, the convention had the opening reception followed by the Z Club of Texas Chili Party. I was talking with a couple of friends, Philip and Bryan, when we were joined by Mr. Matsuo, one of the original designers of the 240Z. We were entertained by some of the design details he shared with us. We were in Z geek heaven.

For the full photo set, go here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskgeqbrp.

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ZCON 2015 Registration

Today was the first day of registration for ZCON 2015. Months of preparation and planning come to fruition as convention goers pick up their goodie bags and make last second changes to the week’s itinerary.

As the clock approached 1, the crowd started to form. There was a small cheer when the doors to the registration room opened. The line moved smoothly, and the team handled my last-minute changes without a hitch.

For the photos, click the link: https://flic.kr/s/aHskfAiC8L.

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