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Non-Start Diagnostics

Last year one of my friends rebuilt a motor for Michael, a new 260Z owner. Michael got the engine back in, and my friend tuned the engine. Fast forward to January of this year. Tim, Michael’s father, posted on Facebook … Continue reading

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Friday at Jai’s

Today was dedicated to helping out Jai. She has a 280Z that has been giving her problems. A couple of us have tried to help her before, but while her car was running slightly better, it wasn’t running reliably. This … Continue reading

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Late 280Z Turn Signal Switch

Late 280Z Turn Signal Switch, a set on Flickr. Here are some pictures from taking apart and cleaning a 77/78 280Z turn signal switch. Before I worked on it, the switch was covered with lots of dirt trapped in the … Continue reading

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Hazard Switch – Brake Light – Turn Signal Circuit Analysis

Boy, did I bite off a lot with this one. However, these three circuits all come together at the Hazard Switch, so I chose to take on the challenge and analyze them all at once. I used the 72 FSM … Continue reading

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Early Hazard Switch

Well, after repairing my friend’s turn signal switch a month ago, he re-installed the switch, but his turn signals still didn’t work. I used a meter to check for voltage coming into the switch and found none. I checked the … Continue reading

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Relays Simplified

Relays are simple electromagnetic switches. When energized, the electromagnet pulls on a lever to open or close a set of contacts. Let’s go over some relay terminology: coil – the electromagnet contacts – the parts of the switch that touch … Continue reading

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Some Electrical Basics and Troubleshooting

Many people are stumped by automotive electrical systems. It really doesn’t have to be very mystifying. I hope to cut through the fog of confusion with this and other posts to help you figure out electrical issues with your early … Continue reading

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