BRE 240Z

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see the BRE 240Z owned by my friend, Randy. He has a passion to preserve the memory and heritage of Brock Racing Enterprises 46 SCCA championship team. It had been a few months since I last saw the car in person, and I wanted to catch up with Randy and find out what all he had been doing to the car over that time.

Randy has put his heart and soul into this car for several years. This storyboard he created helps to capture some of his effort.

The car is a beautiful time machine. When you hear the stories behind the details of the car, such as the reason for the momentary switch on the differential temperature gauge, it’s overwhelming. Randy has left no stone unturned in his research. Any time this car is out in public, it attracts a crowd. Since we weren’t out in public, I had to take advantage of getting some unobstructed photographs. Randy graciously obliged. He also fired up the car for me to enjoy the sound, as well.

I have seen links to articles on the web lately with a headline along the lines of “People who buy experiences are much happier than people who buy things.” This car is definitely a worthwhile experience. Thanks for sharing, Randy.

Please click on the photo below to get to the full gallery.

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