GZC Karting Event (10 Photos, 20 GIFs and 4 Videos)

Some members of the Georgia Z Club gathered at the karting track at Atlanta Motorsports Park on October 24 for a morning of driving and spinning.

The karting track at AMP is a challenging course with some significant elevation changes, four 180 degree turns, and a long straight that lets you get up to about 50 MPH or more before one of those 180 degree turns. It will test your skills, especially as you negotiate the track with people of different driving talent and experience.

I chose not to drive in order to take some photos and video of the event. I got in my driving afterward as Robert, aka El Prezidente Zupremo, took us on a backroads trip to Jasper for lunch. I would have video of that, too, were it not for a camera battery dying less than a minute into the drive.

Enjoy the photos, gifs and videos. Click on the photo below for the album.
GZC Karting 10-24-15 509
Update – Flickr changed my GIF files into JPGs. What do you want for free? I have hosted them on WordPress so you can enjoy them.
Karting GIF 001
Karting GIF 002
Karting GIF 003
Karting GIF 004
Karting GIF 005
Karting GIF 006
Karting GIF 007
Karting GIF 008
Karting GIF 009
Karting GIF 010
Karting GIF 011
Karting GIF 012
Karting GIF 013
Karting GIF 014
Karting GIF 015
Karting GIF 016
Karting GIF 017
Karting GIF 018
Karting GIF 019
Karting GIF 020

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