ZCON 2015 – People’s Choice Show (175 Photos)

The last car event for the week was the People’s Choice show. As I was leaving the hotel, one of my 240Z friends was asking for a phone number of another friend in order to get some carburetor tuning help. I told him that I could help, since I brought most of my tuning tools with me. I tweaked on the carburetors and then went over to my car.

The show was across town at the Millington Regional Jetport. Unfortunately my Garmin did not want to acknowledge the existence of the place. I went to plan B and got the address from my iPhone map. I plugged the address into my Garmin and hit the road. Unfortunately, the nav unit wanted to direct me through a Navy security gate. I drove around until I got some better directions, and I eventually arrived at the location.

I parked my car and got ready to take photos. Matsuo-san was walking around, and he graciously posed for a photo by my car. More and more cars streamed in, and a bunch of Z car lovers were able to commune in the summer heat.





Click here for the full set.

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