ZCON 2015 – Matsuo-san

Sorry photo junkies, I don’t have a bunch of photos to upload today. I was supplying photos from the week to Chris Karl of the ZCCA and talking to the guys in the registration room. Mr. Matsuo came in, and I had the chance to chat with him again. I told him about driving my Z out to the track yesterday in the heat. (He enjoyed the air conditioning in the booth during much of the track day.) He mentioned that enthusiasts in Japan used A/C compressors from Kei cars in the Z. I have to admit that I was surprised to hear that the small compressor was able to handle the work. I took the opportunity to show him a video of a drive I went on with the members of ZAtlanta. (Lee Vermont of photobycereal2k takes some nice videos and photos.)

Matsuo-san was scheduled to hold an autograph session at 10, so I went to get breakfast and pick up some Sharpies. About 3 months ago, I found a poster of a photo showing two gentlemen working on a clay model of a 240Z. I bought it in anticipation of having the opportunity to have it autographed by Matsuo-san. I showed him the poster, and he told me the men in the photo were his assistants. I took the poster out of the frame, and he signed it below the front valence. Matsuo-san then posed for a couple of pictures for me.

He is a great car guy and a very nice person. This will be a very memorable convention for me.




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