Driving to ZCON 2015

I spent some time getting a last few things ready on the 260Z for the trip to Memphis. The gas gauge registered properly, and the makeshift A/C was wired in. I packed tools, my Datsun flag and other various items that I felt may come in handy over the next week. I was ready to roll.

I got off to a good start. The makeshift A/C felt cool…well, at least before the car got hot. The first batch of ice melted in about half an hour. I have forgotten more about heat transfer than I realized.

The lack of A/C didn’t matter too much for the first few hours. We chose a route off the beaten path. That meant lower speeds but uncrowded two lane roads shaded by lots of trees.

After a while, it was mostly 4 lane divided highway and some freeway travel. Higher speeds minus any shade. We stopped for gas at the halfway point. The back of my shirt was soaked, but at least I was pleased with my gas mileage. By the time we got to Mississippi, temperatures in the car were creeping into the triple digits. Air coming out the vents was 100 to 105 degrees. (Some cloud cover could get the temperatures down to 96.) I checked the dashboard. It was nearly 150 degrees. I haven’t experienced temperatures like that since I went on an outing with the Z Club of Texas in July 1998.

We got to the hotel safely, though I believe I ended up several pounds lighter than when I started. The Z didn’t miss a beat. Air conditioning is nice, but I can pass it up for a nice long drive in my 260Z.

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