Changing the Rear Differential Oil

I decided it was time to change the oil in the differential today.

I started by taking a short trip to warm up the oil in the differential. Then I backed the car onto my Race Ramps. The model ramps I have are nice since they raise the rear up 10 inches. The plug on the differential is removed with a 1/2 inch drive. I used a 4 inch extension on the drive. With the differential warmed up, the existing oil flowed out quickly. Note: ALWAYS inspect the drain plug. It has a magnet attached. If your differential is experiencing a lot of wear, you’ll see shavings on the plug. Fortunately, mine was pretty clean. After draining the old oil, I applied thread sealant to the plug and tightened the plug.

I used Brad Penn GL-4 Gear Oil for refilling the differential. Make sure you use GL-4 oil, and you’ll need just over a quart. To pump the oil into the differential, I used a Plews 55001 Lubrimatic Fluid Quart Pump. Before I attempted pumping the oil, I put the quart containers of gear oil into a hot water bath. I put the pump on the first quart of oil, and fed the tube from the pump into the differential breather hole. I started pumping the oil, and went through the first quart fairly quickly. I connected the second quart to the pump and continued pumping until there was about a liter in the differential. I put the cap back on the differential breather and cleaned up.

With the right tools, this was definitely a job a novice could accomplish easily.

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