260Z Air Dam and Front Bumper

What did it take to go from this
to this?
Bumper On 3

Click here to find out.

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2 Responses to 260Z Air Dam and Front Bumper

  1. Michael T. says:

    I currently own the same Zcar and need new tires and I want to use my original 14×6 rims . I know my only choice is a B.F. Goodrich Radial T/A like the ones in the picture of the 260Z having work on th efront air dam and bumper. So the Question is ….what size are the T/A tires in the pictures ?The rims on the car look like a earlier year Z rim but I am not sure.

    Just trying to avoid any rubbing issues but at the same time increase the contact patch from the original size of 195/70/14 maybe to a 225/60/14 all around. The car is stock height now/currently.
    205/70/14 is to tall and 215/6014 is to short of a side wall.
    235/60/14’s I am pretty sure will be to wide.

    Thanks VERY MUCH for reading my pain and replying if you decide to !


    • The tires in the pictures are 215/60/14. Unfortunately, it is all but impossible to find decent tires in a 14 inch wheel size anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Radial T/A is gone within a couple of years.

      Of course, rubbing may also come from a soft suspension. When I went to 16s on the 260Z, the car started to rub, so I installed stiffer springs and new struts. That pretty much eliminated the rub.

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