Front Struts

With the new wheels & tires, the 260Z picked up a rub in the driver rear tire. While the root cause is the heft of the driver, contributing factors included old springs & struts. Considering my relative lack of experience with the Z concerning struts, I took a friend up on an offer to help. Little did he understand the curveball I was throwing at him. While I had typical KYB struts, I planned to replace the springs with springs made for a Chevette.

Tim showed me a few tricks and tips along the way. Unfortunately I was too busy helping him to document the tips thoroughly. The first thing he did after removing the tires was to notch the bracket that holds the brake line. After notching the bracket, he folded the ends out of the way a little to allow the steel line to pass through. This allowed us to remove the calipers from the spindles and pull the struts without breaking the lines open.
Front with notched brake line bracket

In short order the struts were removed, and the old springs were off. Then we hit the first snag. The gland nuts folded when we tried to remove them from the struts. They were rusted on tight. Fortunately, Tim’s neighbor happened to have a spare pair of spindles. We were back on path.
Gland Nut folded

In one of those “While we’re at it…” moves, I bought new ball joints to replace the old, dead ones. We also scraped off about 40 years of grease. Soon the new springs and struts were on.
Sitting high
We lowered the car. The nose sat about 4 inches higher than stock, and the front tires were resting on their outside edges. NOW I understood what the online posts meant about cutting the springs. We removed two and a half coils from each spring and remounted the struts. The nose still sat just a little high, but it was drivable. Our work window closed, so I drove home like that.

In preparation for the next round, I already cut 3 coils from the other pair of springs. Those will go on the front, and the springs now on the front will go to the rear. Soon, the car will have a firmer ride, even at a relatively stock height. That should reduce the rub.

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