Late 280Z Turn Signal Switch

280Z TS Before Clean 8280Z TS Before 1280Z TS Before 2280Z TS Before 3280Z TS Before 4280Z TS Before 5
280Z TS Before Clean 1280Z TS Before Clean 2280Z TS Before Clean 3280Z TS Before Clean 4280Z TS Before Clean 5280Z TS Before Clean 6
280Z TS Before Clean 7280Z TS After Clean 1280Z TS After Clean 2280Z TS After Clean 3

Late 280Z Turn Signal Switch, a set on Flickr.

Here are some pictures from taking apart and cleaning a 77/78 280Z turn signal switch.

Before I worked on it, the switch was covered with lots of dirt trapped in the grease. I took off all of the screws to get to the switch parts. I then degreased the internals of the turn signal switch and the cancellation mechanism. I cleaned the copper parts with metal polish and sanded them lightly with 1000 grit sandpaper. I put dielectric grease on the moving parts of the cancellation mechanism and on the contacts.

When it was all back together, I checked the high/low beam switch and the turn signal switch with an ohmmeter to ensure the switches functioned properly.

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