Rear Bumper Install – 73 240Z

New Bumper - leftNew Bumper - rightOld bumper removed - leftOld bumper removed - right

I thought I would do the easiest installation first.

I took off the four bolts holding the bumper mounts to the car. Then I removed the bolt holding the bumper on the driver side quarter panel.

After that I moved to the passenger side and realized that I needed to remove the access panel in the wheel well to get to the bolt. I jacked up the car, removed the tire and took off the access panel. Squeezing my hand between the tank and the sheet metal, I got the wrench on the head of the bolt and finally removed it.

In putting the new bumper on, I tried using some bumper brackets a friend made for me. Unfortunately, I found the dimensions were off a little. I removed the brackets off the old bumper and took tons of pictures so I could try to fabricate a bracket when I am ready to tackle the 74.

With the old brackets on the new bumper, I started to fit it to the car. That’s when I found that the side bolts needed the threads chased. I chased the threads and tried again. Soon the bumper was firmly mounted to the car.

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