The Mitty 2013 – Day 1: Just a teaser

I like Fridays at The Mitty. I can walk through the paddock and take pictures from the front straight bridge without getting in the way of other people. This time I was joined by my brother, who managed to get away early enough to enjoy the extra day at the track.
We got to Road Atlanta a little after 8. After parking the car, I got to meet Andy Reid with Grassroots Motorsports Magazine. He is one of the people who put in the effort to make the Mitty what it is.
After walking through the paddock, we joined some of my Z car friends at Turn 10. That’s a nice place to take pictures of cars trying to overtake in the braking zone while going downhill.
We also walked through the Vendor Village and returned to watch more racing.
I took about 600 pictures today. It will take a while to sort through them to get rid of the ones I don’t like and resize the ones I do like.
Until then here are some teaser shots.
Turn 10Look at this one in its own window/tab

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2 Responses to The Mitty 2013 – Day 1: Just a teaser

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  2. Pete says:

    I’m in the blue 240 with the 100 yard paint job. I’m socially inept so please introduce yourself as I’d like to see your 260.

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