Rainy Night

I haven’t shot pictures with an SLR in many years. My dad’s old Minolta XGM gave out around 2002, and I couldn’t get it apart to try to fix it. My sister gave me back a low-end Vivitar SLR that I gave her because she never used it. But I never seemed to get it out of the camera bag very often.
While I have played with digital cameras and digital video cameras for about 16 years, I never have been completely satisfied with the pictures. I finally broke down and bought a Sony Alpha A37. While not truly a digital SLR, I think it works great.
There is a gentle rain tonight. I wanted to experiment with lower light and no flash. The spotlight illuminated the Mustang nicely for the picture.
Rainy Night
I’m looking forward to using it at the next Caffeine and Octane.

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