Dallas Autorama 1998

Update on 2/23: I found the HTML file from when I originally posted these pictures 15 years ago. I put the original text in italics below the pictures.

I first found out about the Dallas Autorama in time to make it to the 1997 show. While I was there, I was pleasantly surprised to see a display of Z cars manned by the Z Club of Texas. The next year, I signed up to work some time at the display. It was a great way to spend the day.
I managed to find a couple of Z Whiz Hot Wheels that day, too. When I went in 97, Steve Richardson from Courtesy Nissan was showing off some somewhat beat-up Zcars that he found around the toy sellers. So when I found those two nice Z Whiz cars, I had to show them off to Steve. He immediately let me know that I was #1.
Digital cameras didn’t have very good quality back then, but that old Kodak DC120 camera captured some images that are still around today.



I wish I had the money, time and patience to get my 73 240Z looking this good. The modifications I could see were round-top carbs and less-restrictive air cleaners. Beautiful.


This amazing specimen is one of the first of the refurbished Z cars. This 72 240Z was presented to Bill Wiley by his wife during the celebration at Texas Motor Speedway for this unprecedented program. Now that’s my definition of a loving wife.

Now here’s a special number. It’s a 1980 10th Anniversary 280ZX owned by Linda Hood. She should be proud of how well she has taken care of this car. All of us guys could learn a thing or two from her.

This is Steve Ham’s daily driver. I didn’t see any modifications to it, but that’s one of the great things about Z cars. You can have fun keeping them stock, or…

You can create your own monster, like Bill Reagan did. He calls this a 350ZXR. I call it unbelieveable! Along with the 350 and Turbo Hydromatic Transmission, it has a beautiful custom interior and exterior. This car has been featured in Z Car Magazine, and it’s for sale, $9800 obo. Email me with your name and number if you’re interested, but you better be serious.

Here’s a daily driver 300ZX. I haven’t really been much of a fan of the more sophisticated, newer Z’s, but looking at more like this one could change my mind.

I forgot to add the pictures of the 72 that Courtesy Nissan had on display. It was for sale for $30,000 back then. Lord, I was tempted to pull the trigger. They were one of the 10 Z Stores when Nissan did their program with the 240Zs and Z32s.

Courtesy Nissan had a display with a late model 300ZX and this refurbished 72 240Z. They added air conditioning to it. These people are great. I bought plenty of stuff from them. I’ll probably be buying even more in the future.

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