Feedback Wanted

So far, it seems like some people are getting good use from this blog. Thank you to the individuals who have let me know via other forums.

I want to know what the readers want to see. Are there circuits that are perplexing? Do you think the FSM comes up short in places? Principles of electricity? Feel free to comment here.

And for those who come for the Caffeine & Octane pictures, unfortunately I won’t be able to make February’s meet. I will try to move some older shows here over the next couple of weeks.

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One Response to Feedback Wanted

  1. rory leitner says:

    I had to do the turn signal fix on a 260z. Testing each bulb, cleaning the harness connectors at the passenger foot-well area, and used 1500 grit on the hazard switch contacts. Worked perfectly. I remember losing a part on the bottom of the hazard switch and got a spare from a junkyard. I wonder if I ever remembered to replace it? Ha Ha! My mind is spread out over several Datsuns and its hard to keep track at times.

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