Taking Shape

I am making preparations for future posts. If you go through the Body Electrical (BE) sections in the 74 through 78 factory service manuals (FSMs), you’ll find that Nissan did a nice breakdown of where the wires were in the various connectors. Unfortunately for 240Z owners, the early FSMs lacked this detail. I am going to fill in what Nissan left out. This will not happen overnight.

I am doing the drawings in Visio. The first thing I started on was making a stencil with the connectors and electrical components that I would need. I modeled my objects from the 72 & 74 FSMs. I have been trying to make them detailed enough that people will be able to follow them and diagnose their own electrical systems, provided the car is stock.

Here is a small sample of the objects I created.
Drawing Sample

I will publish the results in JPG and PDF.

My first target is the 72 240Z hazard light/turn signal/brake light circuits.

Please leave me a comment if there is a particular circuit you would want to see. If I get enough feedback, it will influence my efforts.

By the way, I could use a little help. If you have a 1970 or 1971 FSM, could you contact me? I would love to get copies of the EE and BE sections to help my documentation effort.

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