Slowly Awakening

It’s been well over two and a half years since the 240Z has been on the road. I drove it last to the first day of The Mitty in 2010. When I tried to start it the next day, I couldn’t get it to fire. I tried swapping in another Crane unit with no luck. In April of this year I swapped in a 280ZX distributor with an E80 module. It fired! I had to massage the carburetors a little to get them to stop spitting gasoline all over the place, but it fired and ran!
So, now to assess what else needed to be done to get it road worthy again…

First, I noticed that the brake master cylinder was empty. I ordered a brake booster and master cylinder from Rockauto, and they have sat in the corner for a few months. Argh! I have been working too much.

Next, I looked at the nearly flat tires. Aside from the length of time they sat deflated, making them as circular as an egg, they were mounted back in 2002. I wasn’t going to trust 10 year old tires.

It isn’t so easy getting new tires for an old car. There aren’t too many choices for 14 inch wheels anymore. I searched Tire Rack and other sites. My top choice was the Dunlop Direzza, but when I finally was going to pull the trigger, I found that they are on closeout. I decided to try the Falken Ziex ZE-912 tires. Besides, they were on sale at Tires Plus.

I raised the front end and put it on jack stands. At that moment I remembered that I hadn’t broken the lugs loose. D’oh! I broken the rear lugs loose with the breaker bar, and then I got out the impact wrench to break the fronts loose. I got the front tires off, and then I had to raise the rear. Well, with the flat tires, the floor jack was having trouble getting to the pumpkin. My neighbor and I pondered how to approach it. I finally just raised one corner with the car’s jack until we could get the floor jack in place. The the jack stands were under the car, and the rear tires were off. My neighbor and I loaded the tires into the station wagon, and I waited for the call from Tires Plus to tell me the tires had arrived at the store. (By the way, station wagons ROCK! I appreciate the low load floor, especially compared to most SUVs.)

I got the wheels to the shop, and an hour later, I picked them up with the new shoes. I cleaned up the wheels some since they were off the car, and then I put them back on the car. Now I just have to get to that brake booster and master cylinder…

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