In 1993, I transferred to Travis AFB by Fairfield, CA. Why is this important? Well, I wanted a hobby car, and I thought that California would be a fertile hunting ground for a good car that I could play with. In addition, I rented a townhouse near the base that had a two car garage. I was ready, or so I thought. I had my heart set on a first generation RX-7 or 1976/1977 Celica GT Liftback. I really didn’t know much about cars, then. (I only know some about them today.) I had no idea what to look for.

Well, the used car lot on base (known as the Lemon Lot) had a Datsun 240Z on it. I talked to the owner and test drove it. It was a 1973. It seemed okay to me, and I bought it for $1800.  When I really started looking at it, I saw the caps missing on the brake cylinder reservoirs, four different types of tires with two showing cord, etc. I got four new tires, and started visiting the local Nissan dealer parts department.

About nine months later, I tried using the 240 as a daily driver while I loaned my primary car to someone else. While driving home one day, I hit the gas and saw a small geyser erupt from under the hood. I nursed the car home and found several rotten hoses. Fortunately, I didn’t warp the head. Nissan did an incredible job engineering the powertrain. I got my primary car back and fixed the Z. Around a year or so later, I replaced the fuel pump and took the car for a test drive. I turned a corner, and the engine died. I saw smoke coming up from under the hood. I pulled the hood release, grabbed the fire extinguisher, and quickly put out the fire. The post mortem revealed that I failed to secure the battery the last time I put it back in the car. It shorted against the battery holddown. I ended up replacing about three feet of wiring harness.

Despite all of the mishaps, the car has survived. It sits peacefully in the garage waiting for the installation of a new master cylinder, brake booster and tires. I’ve upgraded a few things along the way, too.

Five years ago, I bought its companion, a 1974 260Z. Well, it was supposed to be its replacement. That’s what I told myself and my wife. However, I just couldn’t bring myself to sell the 240 after 15 years of ownership.

This blog will be about the Z cars primarily. I might throw in a few things about my other cars, too. I’ll also post pictures from car shows and other events. I regularly attend Caffeine & Octane to meet with my Z car friends and to enjoy all sorts of automotive joy.

I hope you find some useful information or enjoy pictures of the cars.

Z Blast Oct 20 2001 Pic 18

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Kurt. When were these pictures taken?

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